Lauren and Trimet

Lauren and Trimet, originally uploaded by Aaron Michael Brown.

Upon my arrival from my voyage down to Eugene, I have made a todo list to guide the next week of my life before I go on my study abroad program. As follows, with no particular order.

Luggage lock?
Pick up camera lens from shop
Lunch with a mister Nick Hagerty
Lunch with Grandma Brown
Mail that music package to the Berk
Is Lauren Middleton still in town? Is anyone still in town?
Summer Applications for jobs! Call Macalester about the Lilly Fellowship
IHP homework - write a paper on Oregon's Urban Growth Boundaries?
Blazers road trip! Four games this week to watch.
Blind Pilot concert this next Saturday night at the Aladdin
Figure out if I'm serious about that free tattoo that parlor is offering
Visit Sunset High School?
Compile extensive postcard list for study-abroad; if you would like a postcard please consider emailing me your address.
Talk my father into taking me up to the mountain and going snowboarding
What the fuck am I going to do for a cell phone for the next few months?
Bury everything distracting that I don't need.
Finish reading Everything is Illuminated and Running with Scissors and Hey Nostradamus!
Get some sleep

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