Good Morning São Paulo

I am currently in a hotel, after being in transit from São Paulo and an MST settlement and heading towards Curitba, where we will stay with a new host family tomorrow. I´m up late for no reason, and i still have a small paper to write for tonight (hooray!), but since Í´m getting lonely and all, here are some addresses to which you should send some postcards. Another girl on the program requested mix CDs of new hip music and of crappy American food, but I´ll settle for updates from the Macalester bubble or from wherever else in the world you might be hanging out.

March 4th through early April:

Aaron Danger Brown
c/o Sally Frankental
Department of Social Anthropology
University of Cape Town
Rondebosch 7701
South Africa

mid April through May 15th.

IHP c/o Hoai Anh Tran
For Aaron Danger Brown
E4 Ciputra Rum 804
Phu Thuong Ward
Tay Ho District
Hanoi, Vietnam

Please keep in mind how fast (read:slow) mail takes, and plan accordingly.

Having the trip of a lifetime.

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