Third Largest City in the world

20 million is a lot of people.

As I think of the next thing worth blogging about, be sure to check out my photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/dietpoison. I post the best photos here, or at least the ones most pertinent to whatever I'm thinking about, but I'll be keeping my flickr fresh, at least until we leave for Curitibas. I'm fortunate to have a nice (read: understanding) roommate that is allowing me to relinquish my internet needs for the next few weeks by letting me use his computer to updatez my google readerz and see the top stories (Daschle? Transit Stimulus Bills? Blazers over Hornets? Funny hipster runoff posts?) and update this blog. My family is absurdly wonderful to me, Aldeni makes me a giant plate of food every night, and her chirpy English is better than my emerging (read: nonexistant) Portuguese. Things are looking as though we'll be heading to Ilhabela this weekend, an island a few hours northeast of here out in the Atlantic covered in rainforest, and I'm sure that'll bring about many pretty photos, stories, and blogworthy ideas. Until then, I'm trying to come up with some sort of connection between how, you know, I go to school in St Paul, and now i'm in Sao Paulo, and how different they are/similiar they are, you know... yeah.


HK said...

relinquish? ab, i'm not sure we have the same definition of that word. also, i am an idiot for not realizing about st. paul/sao paulo before. i just didn't think about it. i like city connections like that though. like my twin cities. there are a lot of similarities, and urbana is def the st. paul of c-u.

HK said...

your comment leaver is crazy. i did not tell it my name, it just knew. and it doesn't work like other comment leavers on blogs that appear to be set up in exactly the same way. this is strange.