Ha Noi

Pigeon's head., originally uploaded by Aaron Michael Brown.

Okay, so if this photo looks familiar, its because this photo is from that crazy Spring Break 2006 trip I took with Papa Brown. Photos of Vietnam 2009 are likely to be online soon, as well as our spring break and all the photos from Langa... Apparently I'm pretty behind. Dammit.

We have safely landed in Hanoi, and I'm surprised by the level of detail to which I remember how most of the downtown area is laid out. I even remembered specific restaurants, and I visited my old hotel about an hour ago.

. I have a ton more photos to upload, and since I decided to spend my time on that miserable 12 hour flight from Cape Town watching the Simpsons and furiously scribbling and doodling instead of writing in my urbanity journal I'm keeping for this trip, I've got about eight rough draft entries that I intend to publish over the next week.

This pigeon's head was delicious, for what it is worth. Tam Biet until then.

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