Waldo Lake 2009

Waldo Lake 2009, originally uploaded by Aaron Michael Brown.

"The Northwest fills the lungs, heals the pain in my chest."

Heading back to the midwest via Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. While I'll certainly be busy as hell this next semester, I return to Saint Paul recharged, refocused, and ready for my last Minnesotan fall. Highlights of being back at home include the Portland Century ride, the Timbers' unbeaten-in-23-games streak, great weather, the Oregon Coast, getting my friends into The Room (You're tearing me apart, Lisa!), the Safe Routes to School Conference, and of course, camping for the tenth straight year at Waldo Lake.

Things are going to get a little hectic, caffeinated, difficult, and frustrating, but stick with me, dear reader, there will be photos to accompany, and it's going to be a hell of a ride through senior year. Among other obligations, I got a job this semester working as a photographer for college relations, so get ready to see a bunch of photos of happy multicultural macalester kids doing cheesy macalester things. Stick around.

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