"I've got this store bought way of saying I'm okay."

Aaron_Brown_Poster_final, originally uploaded by _ambrown.

Here's one of a couple reasons I haven't been blogging much/socializing much lately. I succumbed and got a twitter, though, and i think it's updating on the sidebar of my blog. follow it and hilarity (of the "21st century, urban revivalist technologically-connected-but-emotionally-alienated existentialist crisis state of our privileged-Western World lives in which irony is a vehicle we use to convey the emotion we somehow can't otherwise express" variety) will ensue. I've been taking a bunch of photos with my film camera for a photography class I'm taking at St Kate's, so I have an excuse for those of you who actually read this blog (all four of you) and are wondering where all my photos have gone. They'll get scanned in, eventually, although probably not until December.

The damp days of fall are arriving, and they bring with them the end of the Timbers season, the advent of 40-degree high days, caffeine dependence, and the perfect mindset to listen to a bunch of Mark Kozelek every night before I go to sleep.

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