I'm alive.

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New York City is so gritty, so bustling. I've been waking up early every morning (seriously!) to walk down to the main street and buy some warm breakfast, and the city looks nice with a little extra snow. I watched the inauguration in Times Square, I've managed to hit three of the five boroughs (and really, who visits Staten Island?), it's the Chinese New Year this monday, I've got a big bike ride planned from here in the Upper West to the Brooklyn Bridge, and until now I've been blessed to hardly even think of Oregon or Minnesota. I'm optimistic about the rest of the kids in the program, and I'm looking forward to Sao Paulo. I also, at the moment, have absolutely nothing profound to say.

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sabrown52 said...

Flew to Salt Lake City last Tues and was fearful of missing swearing in - but arrived early (Courtesy Southwest Airlines) and caught it live in a restaurant/bar in the SLC airport. So it goes. Not exciting like Times Square, but joyful none the less. Auntie Sharon