So long, Oregon.

So long, Oregon., originally uploaded by Aaron Michael Brown.

Portland, Orygun, Cascadia - Dec 15 to Jan 19
New York, New York, USA - Jan 19 to Jan 29
São Paulo and Curitibas, Brazil Jan 30 to Mar 4
Cape Town, South Africa Mar 5 to Apr 10
Hanoi, Vietnam Apr 11 to May 15th

...and so it begins! I revived this blog with the intention of writing a lot more than I currently have, and for that I apologize. I had a unique idea that I would either post one picture of a thousand words in every entry (since, you know, they are worth the same...) but i've been relying heavily on the photo option and keeping any thoughts I have about urbanism, geography, life in the suburbs, Paul Schaffer, bicycles, technology, relationships, and Real Human Moments (tm) to myself. Now that I'm about to skip about the world, maybe I'll have more thoughts and ideas that I feel compelled to share with the rest of the world. I am more than aware that starting a blog about studying abroad is just a starved excuse for attention and an attempt at pretending that my particular experiences HAVE NEVER BEEN EXPERIENCED BY ANYONE ELSE BEFORE EVER, but I'm hoping i find some gimmicky, interesting way to present my thoughts that you keep coming back for more. I know the internet doesn't need another skinny white guy writing about his left-leaning political ideology or his caffeinated experiences in a foreign country, but I won't let that stop me. I had a livejournal in high school that was clearly the shit, and just imagine what I could do to this blog with a little html, some life-changing experiences and non-qwerty keyboards.

Hello. My name is Aaron, and I'm about to travel 25000 miles across the globe to learn something about sustainability, urbanity, social justice, and pho noodles. Nice to meet you.

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