One of my favorites.

One of my favorites., originally uploaded by Aaron Michael Brown.

Aaron: "And what did you think about Sarah Palin? Did you hear about Sarah Palin last year."
My Xhosa Host Mother in Langa, whos name means "successful" but is a whopping 14 letters long and I couldn't possibly spell it correctly so I won't even try: "I won't say anything. That's your country. That's your mess."

That doesn't even compare to the responses I received in Brazil. Deni said something along the lines of "that woman is absolutely crazy," and when I explained how fucked America would have been with her as president to Kika, my mother in Curitiba, she responded that she thanks god everyday that Palin isn't calling the shots right now. You should have seen the look on her face when I explained aerial wolf hunting.

Langa is intense. I have to be home by 7 every day, because the township is pretty sketch after dark, and we have to take a series of little minivans to get around to anywhere, but my host family feeds me and Avery very well, and her four year old grandson is possibly the most entertaining and intelligent little bugger I've ever met.

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