I'm running out of stumptown coffee.

Papers that someone should write, as compiled by Sir Alexander Harry Leeding and Aaron Brown via gchat

me: "Occupying the cracks in the Urban Streets: Ben Gibbard and the Urbanization of Young White Emo Americans"
4:38 PM "Wondering What's Buried Underneath: The Narrative of Urban Infrastructure"
  oh god i could go on forever
 Alex: "The Skyline Looked Like Crooked Teeth: How the Resistance of LEED-certified building has Ruined the 21st Century Urban Ecosystem
4:39 PM  21st Century Towers: The Search For Affordable Condo Living in Inner Cities
 me: "Taking Nicollet to the 494: The Hold Steady and the Right to the City"
4:40 PM "Meet me at the Construction Site: Placemaking in Winnipeg with The Weakerthans"  ____
8:44 PM Alex: I Missed the Exit to Your Parents House Hours Ago: How The Interstate Freeway System Contributed to a Half Decade of Suburban Depression
 me: winnar
8:47 PM Alex: thank you. held onto that for a couple of hours. thought it up on the metro ride home
  me: In the back of the grey subcompact: the sexualization of the automobile in 1980s america
 Alex: oh nice
8:55 PM Searching for Some Legal Documents: An Analysis of the Evolution of Storage Space in the Modern Automobile
8:56 PM me: The air of railroads is making the same sounds: urban memory and nostalgia in a postmodern age
 Alex: Spinsters All Around Us Making Notes: The Evolution of Modern Telecommunications
8:57 PM me: There'd be no distance that could hold us back: Ruminations on spatial geography and urban narrative
9:00 PM Alex: ill come up with something.
9:01 PM me: i'm looking over my itunes and i feel i'm out
9:02 PM there's at least a dozen good ones for we will become silhouettes
  and brand new colony is almost too explicitly easy
 Alex: this place is a prison as well
  the postal service is far to heteronormative

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